Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fastest Supercars in the world

Many ways to measure Cars excellence, but top speed is the one everybody secretly cares about the most.
Here we take a look at the top 5 fastest Supercars out there, going by their top speed.

Porsche 911 Turbo S: 560hp - 62mph just 3.1 seconds

Ferrari FF:  660hp V12 means 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds,

Lamborghini Aventador:  700hp V12 - 0-62mph takes just 2.9 seconds.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport:- 1,200hp and a 267.8mph top speed .  0-62mph takes 2.5 seconds

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe AWD :- 62mph in just 3.9 seconds

Friday, 30 December 2016

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations of 2017

Here are the most romantic honeymoon destinations of 2017


The Maldives
If you want well practiced honeymoon perfection, the Maldives should already be nearing the top of your contenders list. Consider also that January brings fantastic temperatures floating around 30°C and plenty of all-inclusive offers from the archipelago's unfailingly romantic hotels.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
If you're looking to go a little further off the beaten honeymoon path, the Tanzanian islands of Zanzibar offer romance with a rustic twist. Once you're finished with the tranquil beaches and balmy temperatures, January also affords fantastic safari opportunities back on the mainland as peak migration season kicks off.

The coming year is set to be a bonanza year for Cuba, and adventurous honeymooners should know that February brings with it sunshine-filled days and sultry nights. This Caribbean island is a great place to combine urban exploration in Havana and seaside laziness on Cuba's collection of cayos - small surrounding islands often with great all-inclusive hotel deals.

If you're looking for luxury and exclusivity from your honeymoon destination, look no further than Oman. The sultanate is bursting with luxurious accommodation options, often beachside, as well as opportunities to explore one of the world's most beautiful deserts, Wahiba Sands, in style.

Florida Keys, USA
With 120 islands to hop, the Florida Keys are a wonderful way to squeeze in some rest and relaxation to the tune of endlessly sunny days. If you're looking for luxury, you'll find resorts and spas aplenty, along with snorkelling on America's only living coral barrier reef.

Marrakesh, Morocco
March is the perfect time to visit romantic Marrakesh before it becomes unbearably hot during the summer months. Its stylish riads offer a wonderful retreat from everyday life and its warren-like souks are well suited to keen urban explorers after trinkets to take home.

These islands also bring their A-game when it comes to honeymoons. Given the royal seal of approval by William and Kate after their April wedding, the Seychelles are blessed with great temperatures and sun-filled days throughout the month.

Andalusia, Spain
Spain's steamy southern region is beginning to warm up nicely in April before the exhausting heat of summer hits. Home to three incredible cities - Seville, Granada and Cordoba - and plenty of luxury hotel options, this is a great region to discover by car.

California, USA
Another great place to explore on four wheels is California. A drive along the state's Big Sur, looking out over the Pacific Ocean, regularly makes lists of the most romantic things to do in America. Its cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, provide mild temperatues and sunny days perfect for urban exploration.

Springtime in Japan brings a bucket-list opportunity to see the country's cherry trees in bloom. Start in Tokyo, where mild temperatures lend well to discovering the immense city, before heading out to Mount Fuji for the blossoms and on to the elegant ancient capital of Kyoto.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini in June is for those in search of complete relaxation. With off-season prices and fewer crowds, choose from a raft of chic hotels looking out over the cliffs of this Greek island and relax.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is another great June choice for those after a mix of beaches and culture. You'll find everything from luxury hotels to all-inclusive resorts dotted around the island's coast, as well as temples and forests to explore with a backpack further inland.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Italy's Amalfi Coast offers endless blue skies throughout July. The famously beautiful stretch of coast offers private villas for plenty of privacy or boutique hotels for a touch of luxury, as well as being within easy reach of the ruins of Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and the exclusive island of Capri.

South Africa
South Africa's selection of safari lodges is unrivaled, especially those which pull out all the stops for visiting honeymooners. In Kruger National Park, wildlife gathers around water sources and vegetation thins to make viewing much easier and worth your while.

Scotland, UK
August is the best time of year to explore the Scottish Highlands. Start off in capital Edinburgh for quaint cobbled streets and beautiful boutique hotels before heading off to explore the newly opened North Coast 500, recently named one of the best road trips in the world and perfect for exploring the country's whiskey offering.

Kerala, India
India can make for a fantastic honeymoon destination, especially for those after a little luxury and adventure combined. The southern state of Kerala offers good temperatures in August, along with great beaches and even river cruises for a more comprehensive view of the region.

This Indian Ocean island is another big favorite with honeymooners. If you're looking for tried and tested romantic luxury, Mauritius is a great option to consider with top-rated beaches and the possibility of combining your trip with a visit to the Seychelles or South Africa.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
As Croatia's capital cools off from the scorching summer and rids itself of the crowds that plague its walls during July and August, September offers a fantastic time to explore. Its winding streets and beautiful port provide great opportunities for sampling the local seafood and great beaches can be found on the islands, an easy ferry ride from Dubrovnik.

Hawaii, USA
If ever there was a time to visit Hawaii, it's on your honeymoon. This endlessly romantic archipelago is a favourite with couples and knows how to cater to its guests. October provides a great off-peak time to visit, when the hurricane season has passed but the December crowds are yet to arrive.

If you're looking for uncompromised romance and a healthy dose of Asian adventure, look no further than Bhutan. The country has an extremely well-developed tourism industry and its mountains are full of romantic lodges that offer candlelit dinners and hiking in the surrounding hills. October offers clear skies and great views of the Himalayas free from cloud.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's dry season gets into full swing in November, though peak season still hasn't begun. You'll have white sand beaches, wildlife parks and beautiful boutique hotels all to yourselves.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Of the South Pacific Islands, French Polynesia brings a strong game in November. Bora Bora offers luxury and relaxation with private overwater villas stretching out from the coastline, as well as some of the finest beaches in the world.

If you're looking to forgo beaches and winter sun, Iceland provides a romantic winter wonderland come December. It's also one of the best times to see the Northern Lights, and its attractions, normally busy during the summer months, remain relatively empty.

Costa Rica
For nature and adventure lovers, Costa Rica is a great option in December. After exploring its cloud forests and volcanoes, head to the coast for fantastic surfing and a chance to see sea turtles nesting along the Pacific coast.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Top Online Food Ordering WebSites In India

Online business is booming in the Future. India has approx. 46+ crore internet user( Population: 34.8 %) . Many companies target these large numbers of people. These companies come with different business idea. Today we are talking about online food ordering business. There are many online food ordering website available in india . We are Sharing a list of online food ordering website. You can order your food from your favourite restaurant through this online food ordering website.

FoodPanda - online food ordering website

Foodpanda is a popular online food ordering website in India. It has launched in India in 2012 by Amit Kohli and Rohit Chadda. Foodpanda is giving service over 27 countries. Foodpanda ties up with your favourite restaurant of your locality. To give order you just need to visit food panda website and   enter your post code and search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price range. After receive order from foodpanda, restaurant will deliver your order. - online food ordering website is founded in India in 2008, Zomato has grown into global restaurant search website. Zomato providing in-depth information for over 1.4 million+ restaurant across 22 countries. Zomato is introduced the cashless payment. In this method customer can go to the partner restaurant and check-in with the Zomato app. Then, one has to inform the staff at the restaurant of mode of payment. The payment metod integrate with zomato payment system, so billing happen automatically in background. Zomato cashless payment available only in Dubai. Also customers can book tables using Zomato Book feature.

Just Eat - online food ordering website

HungryBangalore was founded by Ritesh Dwivedy in 2006. Then HungryBangalore was renamed as HungryZone in 2008. In 2011, HungryZone tied up with Just Eat and renamed as Just Eat India. Now Just Eat is a popular online food ordering website in India. To give order, visit just eat and select your city, area, restaurant and other requirements. - online food ordering website is founded in 2010 in Mumbai India. Deliverychef is bullish on corporate catering and has tied up with various organizations. DeliveryChef accepts the order both web and phone. Now deliveryChef delivers the food from over 1000 restaurants in India. Currently their food delivery services available only in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi only. They are also offer the both online and cash on delivery payment method. Later booking option also available. - online food ordering website

Bigbite seems to be consolidated its restaurant network in one city, which is Delhi-NCR. The company planned to grab as many as restaurants from all over India. Today BigBite caters to a total of five cities in India.These are the most famous food delivering websites in India. You should visit the as soon as possible. All of them have been doin very well in India. They also provide discounts and deal on online order. They provide very high profile customer care service as well. So, if you face any problems, they will happy to assist you. Happy eating

Planning to launch online food ordering portal
similar to FoodPanda, Zomato and JustEat?

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Are you looking to embark on a peaceful vacation? Maybe you are ready to get up and move and you want to live in a peaceful environment. These countries provide you with the perfect destination for peace, silence, relaxation and happiness.

1. Iceland
 According to CNN, the nonprofit Institute for Economics and Peace explains, “the thinly populated island in the midst of the North Atlantic has retained its place as the most peaceful country in the world.” There are many factors that contribute to Iceland’s peace. Some people believe its Iceland’s geysers that make it so peaceful. While others believe it has to do with Iceland’s small population.

2. New Zealand
 New Zealand is one of the world’s most peaceful and cleanest countries. They are known to have low rates of weapons imports, homicide, displaced people and deaths from external conflict. It was ranked 1.221 by the Global Peace Index.

3. Finland
 Finland was given a 1.277 Global Peace Index Score. They have low rates of political terror, violent crime, homicides and displaced people. Visit Lake Saimaa and relax by one of their most peaceful lakes then make your way to the longest beach in Finland, Yyteri, for a quiet summertime vacation destination.

4. Portugal
 Gorgeous scenery and great year-round weather makes the citizens of Portugal very happy. The Global Peace Index Score is 1.344. Portugal has low rates of violent crime, homicides, weapons exports and deaths from external conflicts.

5. Norway
 What is more peaceful than watching the Northern Lights appear in the Norway sky? I sure can’t think of anything! The people of Norway are known to have good health and be genuinely happy.

6. Netherlands
 The Netherlands are known to have a very relaxed and peaceful environment. Admire the beautiful tulips in the Keukenhof gardens, escape the city in a quiet boat ride and rent a bike and ride around Amsterdam. The country has a 1.432 Global Peace Index Score; with low rates of incarceration, homicide, violent crimes, terrorism impact and internal conflicts fought.

7. Denmark
 The people of Denmark are blessed with an amazing welfare system. This helps keep their country at peace, relaxed and organized. They have a 1.15 Global Peace Index Score and is ranked number 2 out of 162 countries as the most peaceful. It has low rates of homicide, violent crimes, political terror and incarceration.

8. Canada
 Canada was ranked number 7 out of 162 countries and was given a 1.287 Global Peace Index Score. They have beautiful landscapes, low levels of violent crime, great work opportunities and happy people; all of which contribute to it being one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

9. Switzerland
 Switzerland managed to maintain neutrality while surrounding countries were involved with wars. The people of Switzerland are provided with amazing educational opportunities as well as excellent health benefits. They have a Global Peace Index Score of 1.275.

10. Austria
 Austria is one of the most peaceful and unpolluted countries in the world. Their peace is kept due to their low crime rates and great transportation systems. Their Global Peace score is 1.198.